>> The per capita environmental expenditure by regional administration was 69.0 euro in 2011, it has decreased in comparison to 2010

>> In 2011, 528.1 Kg of urban waste per capita were collected, 8.9 kg less than the previous year. At national level the biggest amount of urban waste was collected in the Centre regions.

>> Italy is quite above the Eu average with more than 220 kg of landfilled urban waste per capita. Even though the trend is permanently decreasing, still about half of urban waste (42.1 percent) are landfilled after collection.

>> In 2011, 37.7 percent of total urban waste are managed with separate collection, the increment was about 2.5 percentage points in comparison with 2010. The North-east has had the highest percentage with 55.3.

>> Italy has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 2.3 percent in comparison with 2010 (488.8 million tons of Co2 equivalent) and is getting closer to the target of maximum emission as established by the Kyoto protocol.

>> In 2013, 36.7 percent of Italian households reported problems connected to air pollution in the residence area and 18.7 percent complained of unpleasant odors.

>> In 2012 urban green was 2.8 percent of the territory as average (over 570 million m2) of capital cities, this amount corresponded to an availability of 31.4 m2 per inhabitant, with an increment of the total area in comparison with 2011 of about 1 percent. A percentage of 15.3 percent of municipal areas were included in protected natural areas (this datum is substantially stable in comparison with the previous year).