>> In 2012 in Italy there were over 123,000 units of other accommodation establishments, with an increase in comparison to the previous year equal to 3.1 percent. Hotels and similar establishments, on the other hand, amounted to approximately 34,000 units, showing a slight decreasing trend (-0.5 percent).

>> Out of the entire range of tourist accommodation establishments operating in Italy, almost 104 million arrivals and 380 million nights spent were recorded (2012). The average length of stay in accommodation establishments was 3.7 nights, a figure which has steadily decreased since 2000 (4.2 nights).

>> Trips with at least one overnight stay made by Italian residents in Italy and abroad for business or holiday purposes reached 78 million and 703 thousand, corresponding to a total of 501 million and 59 thousand nights (2012). The average length of stay in Italy was 6.5 nights and 2.1 nights for holiday and business trips, respectively.